Food Safety Control

Food safety control
Material Control

Material Control

By always holding on its 'beginner's dream', Damin requires all its staff to participate in quality supervision and management, and devotes all its heart and mind to providing natural health drinks!

In Damin, product quality is our lifeline and we have established complete regulations and systems in all respects, including an explicit post responsibility system and a thorough management system; In line with the 'rigorous, standard, efficient and cooperative' principles as well as a strong sense of responsibility for customers and society, the staff of the company all make a common effort to ensure the product quality as well as to provide customers with premium products.

Strictly Control

Strictly Control

  • Global material investigation and control
  • Build a food safety system and standard with suppliers
  • Whole production process monitoring
    Incoming materials
    can be used for producing semi-finished products only after confirmed to be qualified
    semi-finished product inspection is conducted for each batch
    can be used to produce finished products only after confirmed to be qualified
    comprehensive inspections for finished products are conducted to confirm the compliance of all indexes as per product standards
    can be delivered for the shipment only after confirmed to be qualified
  • Establish the tracking system for after-sale tracking of products
Analytical test capability

Set up the food safety analysis laboratory

Damin set up its food safety analysis laboratory in 1995, with four functional departments: microorganism department, physicochemical department, pesticide residue department, and general management department.

  • microorganism
  • physicochemical
  • pesticide residue
  • general management
  • Powerful Detection Capability

    Covering about 1,120 square meters and equipped with internationalized detecting equipment, the laboratory is capable of carrying out detections for pesticide residue, heavy metal elements and pathogens common in microbial food, as well as the analysis for food hygiene and all types of pollutants.

  • The test data are with credibility

    The laboratory passed the certification of the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) in 2010 and the test data have a high public credibility with its test report recognized in 42 countries and regions, including America, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Korea.

international certification

International Certification

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