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Bitter buckwheat milk tea

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Solid Drinks

As a superior supplier for global catering chain-like, solid drinks developed by Damin International Group gain the customers' popularity and lead the fashion trend due to its numerous variety, unique flavor, easy to be stored. The products of it meet the special needs of various clients from markets of different areas.

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Milk tea


BIB Drinks

BIB is a new packing style, which is the short term for bag in box. Concentrate drinks packed in BIB have the irreplaceable advantage of standardization, speed, safety and stability. BIB concentrate drinks of Damin have numerous varieties and are developed targeting at the customers' appeals with onsite brewing machine or pre-brewing machine and are suitable for places with dense population, large human flow and the need for fast service.

Pure tea



Damin selects coffee beans produced around the globe, uses special baking craft to retain the fresh and strong flavor of the coffee, and offers a series of coffee products ranging from baked coffee beans, freshly grinded coffee, coffee concentrate to instant coffee powder.

Baked coffee


Tea Series

Damin has cooperation with tea plantations in Sir Lanka, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Malawi, Viet Nam, Argentina, Thailand, etc, and can offer our customers with premium red tea material from home and abroad. Taking into account the characteristics of catering channels, Damin has customized a series of tea for food service. The product has tea color, tea aroma and sweet after taste, and is excellent base to mix other food ingredients.

Green tea

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    含气茶饮料专用茶粉系列,具有酸稳定性强,泡沫少等特点,有效改善了泡沫对饮料灌装的影响,酸稳定性明显增强。 规格:500ml / 瓶